Command line client for Sentry (Bash)

Sentry is a great error aggregation service. We use it for every service we deploy at work. It lets us monitor and troubleshoot incidents of errors. It also integrates nicely with Slack, a messaging tool we use for everything.

It integrates nicely with Javascript, Ruby, and Python stacks among others — but as a RESTful service you can also access it directly from the command line.

Sometimes, you start writing a Bash shell script that grows so much that you need to start logging errors in a central error aggregation service. Frankly, that’s a sign that you should have picked a different language for the initial implementation, whether Python or Ruby or something else more robust. However, once you have such a Bash script, porting it arguably becomes as problematic as instrumenting it.

Bash client for Sentry

A quick Google search turns up more feature-complete attempts at a command line client. You may want to follow the link and use that instead.

Still, for posterity, here’s something I used to instrument such a Bash script last year:



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