Easy OLTP scaling

OLTP is a database use where there are lots and lots of simple transactions or queries. For example, a typical website uses a database in the OLTP way. This is in contrast to a data warehouse, where there is usually only a few complex queries for generating reports.

IBM just announced DB2 pureScale, a way of easily scaling up the number of transactions a database can handle. The scaling is horizontal, in the sense that it’s accomplished by adding more servers rather than making the servers bigger.

DB2 pureScale is:

  • Transparent. Client applications don’t need to know how many database servers there are or which one they are accessing.
  • Easy. Adding a new machine is a matter of running two commands.
  • Resilient. If one node goes down, the other nodes take over and there is virtually no data loss.

There is an upcoming Chat with the Lab about it:

DB2 pureScale: Scaling Databases without Limits
Event Date: 10/21/2009
Event Time: 11:30 – 13:00 EDT (GMT-04:00)
Hosted By: Rav Ahuja (IBM)
Presented By: Sal Vella (IBM), Matt Huras (IBM), Aamer Sachedina (IBM)

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