Migrating from Delicious to Pinboard

DeliciousYahoo is shutting down Delicious. I’ve been using Delicious to share links with friends for years, so this is not a good development from my perspective.

The Metafilter discussion about possible alternatives points out Unalog, Pinboard, Diigo, and a few others. I took a look and decided that Pinboard is the best bet. What I like best is that it has a business model — selling a cheap permanent membership. I like things with business models because I think they are less likely to shut down.

There’ve been several shutdowns of free services this year — Xmarks went out of business (but were rescued by Lastpass), Ask.com killed Bloglines, Oracle is doing it’s best to kill MySQL, and now Yahoo is killing Delicious.


I found it very easy to migrate from Delicious to Pinboard.

  1. Open a Pinboard account
  2. Export your Delicious bookmarks
  3. Import your Delicious bookmarks
  4. Wait for Pinboard to catch up with all Delicious users importing their bookmarks at the same time
  5. Use Twitterfeed to set up automatic reposting to Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Just like Delicious, Pinboard has lots of handy bookmarklets.

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