Setting up svn with trac

Trac is an excellent web-based wrapper for SVN that adds bug tracking, a wiki, and several handy project management features. I keep setting up new repositories up for all the little projects we cook up in DB2 Technical Marketing, so I thought I’d write up a guide.

Installing Trac, SVN, and dav_svn for Apache2 is left as an exercise for the reader.

Create a new SVN repository:

Create a new Trac environment:

Change the owner to Apache so that it can read and write:

Navigate to Apache site settings:

If you want Trac to support multiple repositories, edit the trac file to look like this:

The above assumes that all the repositories are in /var/trac

Navigate to Apache settings:

Append to dav_svn.conf:

The above lets you check out from http://yoursite/svn/Project

If you like, you can add a new user to dav_svn.psswd:

Users can then be granted permissions by editing the dav_svn.authz file. Sample file:

Restart Apache:

You now have have an Trac/SVN install with SVN at http://yoursite/svn/Project and Trac at http://yoursite/trac.cgi

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