Userscript for faster deletion of MediaWiki spam

A couple weeks ago I posted a userscript that makes banning MediaWiki spammers easier by setting good defaults for the user ban form. Since then, I’ve had to ban a lot of spammers, so I thought I should remove another point of friction.

For some reason, MediaWiki chooses to not provide direct deletion links on the User Contributions page, so after banning a spammer you have to click through to each piece of spam before deleting it. This may have been an acceptable user experience in Web 1.0 days, but it’s a ridiculous set of hoops to jump through today.

My goal is to eventually make banning a spammer and deleting all the spam they’ve posted a one-click process. If there’s an existing solution for this, I’d love to hear about it.

Since I needed to do some DOM manipulation, I chose to use jQuery in the userscript. This was also a lot easier than I might have expected. Userscripts really are a very solid technology.

I passed the above through JSHint to make sure there’s nothing silly in it, but I haven’t consulted the jQuery style guide so it may not conform to the usual formatting.

The page delete links still lead to a standard confirmation form, so this doesn’t violate the RESTful practice of only using links for reading content rather than changing it.

Here’s a screenshot of what it adds to the user interface:

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