Sometimes I develop on Linux, sometimes on Windows. It’s mostly Windows right now. I tend towards editing with UltraEdit (or the free Crimson Editor, uploading with WinSCP, and doing command-line stuff with Cygwin. If you just want ssh (new-fangled telnet), PuTTY is easier to get working.

If I keep doing PHP stuff, I might end up switching to the Eclipse PHP IDE. Stranger things have happenned.

There’s a list of useful Windows software on my wiki.


I work on the free (as in share kegs of beer with your friends) DB2 Express-C at IBM. They have me writing demo applications and tutorials, which means I get to play with lots of neat stuff like Ruby, Python, PHP, Javascript, Dojo, etc. There’s lots of technical stuff, tips, ideas I happen upon in my projects. This seems an excellent forum to disseminate such…

BTW, IBM (or any other company) is not in any way responsible/liable/at-fault for anything I say. What I say is my own opinion.