Looking for help with DB2 support in MediaWiki

MediaWiki is the PHP application underlying Wikipedia and other sites. Over the past couple years, I’ve spent some of my spare time to add DB2 support to it. Here’s where things stand now:

  • Working: Installing on DB2 using the old installer
  • Broken: Creating and editing articles
  • Not implemented: Search
  • Not implemented: Installing on DB2 using the new 1.17 installer

Implementing the installer was half the battle, as it required a fully functional DB2 database abstraction layer. I think the main issue with article editing right now are some data inconsistencies in the initial database.

However, MediaWiki is getting a new installer in 1.17. I’ll try to spend some time soon to establish the scope of adding DB2 support to it, and then start implementing.

My MediaWiki time is pretty limited, though. If you or someone you know can pitch in on debugging, maintaining, and expanding the DB2 support in it, I’d be very happy to bring you up to speed and review your initial patches.

Keep in mind that MediaWiki is GPL software.

Some links:

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