What is DB2 Hypervisor Edition?

Edit: Please see DB2 HV images for IWD.

It’s regular DB2. There’s no DB2 HV or DB2 HE. You use the same DB2 edition whether you are using it on physical hardware or a virtual server in the cloud. In fact, DB2 is fully supported in virtually every virtualized environment.

9 to 5, I’m the lead developer of DB2 database server images for WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance. What’s WCA? Well, it’s a purple box that takes your existing VMWare ESX or ESXi or PowerVM machines and turns them into a private cloud.

WCA has a shiny web interface that makes it easy to deploy patterns of machines running WebSphere (WAS), DB2, etc. and then redeploy the same environment for development, test, production, etc. It’s easy to configure the OSes to update themselves, to get everything to talk to each other, and so on.

The appliance is like a vending machine loaded up with delicious IBM licenses. Want a virtual machine with a DB2 database? Boom, here you go.

WCA is a private cloud solution. If you want to get started right now, we also have DB2 images for public clouds like Amazon EC2 and IBM Cloud, as well as templates targeting RightScale.

In fact, you can try an alpha of the next version of DB2 in the cloud today. Once you are approved, it takes all of ten minutes to get your own server running.

If you already have your very own WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance, you can download DB2 for WCA, get some script packages, or read a technical guide.

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