Chairing a Hadoop workshop at CASCON 2011

I’ll be chairing the Crunching Big Data in the Cloud with Hadoop and BigInsights workshop at CASCON 2011 in Toronto on Wednesday, November 9th. @BSteinfe and @MariusButuc will be joining me as co-chairs.

The workshop will be an all day hands-on introduction to Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, and JAQL. The plan is to have ready Hadoop clusters running in the cloud for the various exercises.

Hadoop is a parallelized data processing framework. It lends itself very nicely to running in cloud environments like Amazon EC2 and IBM SCE, as the core concept is to split sophisticated queries across clusters of commodity hardware. On a basic level it’s an implementation of MapReduce in Java, but a great many tools in its eco system make it easy to formulate and execute queries on the fly.

The material will have some things in common with the free Hadoop Fundamentals course you can take on Big Data University today, though naturally adapted for the CASCON themes and with added hands-on instruction.

Next steps

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