Dehacking this blog

The first rule of security is to, of course, assume everything is compromised. If some code is compromised, everything is compromised. The correct response to a hacked WordPress is to nuke all the code.

My WordPress installation was recently compromised. There’s a limit to how far I can apply the principle because this particular WordPress is currently on shared hosting, but all code I have access to is now nuked. WordPress has been reinstalled from scratch, and all the various hanger-on sites that had accumulated in the same hosting account are now no more.

I’ve also adopted the pertinent steps from My WordPress Site Was Hacked, Hardening WordPress, and the Ultimate Security Checker plugin (guide).

Last line of defense:

grep base64_decode -R *
grep gzinflate -R *

The attack’s objective was to inject PHP code into various pages. The code was obfuscated via a double pass through those two functions. The two shell commands above will show any instances of those two functions.

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