ODBC and 32-bit Excel on Windows 7 x64

I do some reporting in Excel. The reporting involves loading data via ODBC from a DB2 database. Excel is pretty zippy with its pivot tables once the data is loaded, but setting up the initial connection can be tricky.

Windows 7 is the first Microsoft operating system where the expectation is that the consumers would run the 64-bit version. However, Office hasn’t caught up yet, and 32-bit is the default for Office 2010.

32-bit Excel can’t see 64-bit ODBC data sources.

Windows comes with entirely separate 64-bit and 32-bit ODBC control panels. The 64-bit ODBC control panel is the default, and the 32-bit ODBC control panel is not even listed in the in the main control panel. You need to invoke it via Start > Run.

To invoke the 32-bit ODBC control panel, use the following command:


Once you have the control panel open, it should be straightforward to define a new System data source to your database.

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