On November 6, 2012, I’m teaching a hands-on lab at CASCON together with Bradley Steinfeld and Marius Butuc. The lab is called Crunching Big Data with Hadoop and BigInsights in the Cloud. The lab is based on the Hadoop Fundamentals course at Big Data University.


1.0 Welcome
1.1 What is Big Data?
1.2 Lab Setup
Setup Lab
Setup Lab (PDF Download)
1.3 What is Hadoop?
1.4 Hadoop Architecture – HDFS
Lab (PDF Download)
1.5 Hadoop Architecture – MapReduce
MapReduce Lab
Lab (PDF Download)


1.6 Pig, Hive, and Jaql
Pig, Hive, and Jaql Lab
Lab (PDF Download)
1.8 Working with BigInsights
Web Console Lab
Web Console Lab (PDF Download)
Data Discovery with BigSheets

Module 1.7 covers Flume. It’s available for free on Big Data University.

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