Windows to Mac: Keyboard shortcuts

In December, I got a Macbook Air that I’m now using as a primary development machine. Before that, I was developing on a Windows 7 machine with heavy reliance on Git bash and Cygwin, and using Linux on the server. I’ve used Linux as a primary desktop at times, but found both dual-boot and VMs too much of a hassle.

I’m enjoying the Mac, but one of the biggest adjustments is keyboard shortcuts.

Here are some shortcuts that are specific to the Mac Terminal (and Terminal alternatives like iTerm 2):

[vtftable ]
Mac ;;; Mac Terminal ;;; Windows ;;; Action ;nn;
Cmd+Left Arrow ;;; Ctrl+A ;;; Home ;;; Go to start of line ;nn;
Cmd+Right Arrow ;;; Ctrl+E ;;; End ;;; Go to end of line ;nn;
Shift+Cmd+Left Arrow ;;; ;;; Shift+Home ;;; Select to start of line ;nn;
Shift+Cmd+Right Arrow ;;; ;;; Shift+End ;;; Select to end of line ;nn;
;;; Ctrl+K ;;; ;;; Clear line after cursor ;nn;
;;; Ctrl+U ;;; ;;; Clear line before cursor;nn;

Some general shortcuts:

[vtftable ]
Mac ;;; Windows ;;; Action ;nn;
Cmd+Down Arrow;;; PageDn ;;; Go one page down ;nn;
Cmd+Up Arrow ;;; PageUp ;;; Go one page up ;nn;
;;; ;;; ;nn;
Cmd+Space ;;; Windows key ;;; Start menu/Spotlight ;nn;
Cmd+Opt+Esc ;;; Ctrl+Shift+Esc ;;; Open Task Manager ;nn;
Cmd+Delete ;;; Delete ;;; Delete selected files ;nn;
;;; ;;; ;nn;
Cmd+Delete ;;; Delete ;;; Delete character in front of the cursor ;nn;
;;; ;;; ;nn;
Cmd+R ;;; F5 ;;; Reload current webpage ;nn;
;;; ;;; ;nn;
Cmd+Shift+3 ;;; ;;; Save screenshot to desktop/Dropbox ;nn;
Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+3 ;;; PrtScr ;;; Copy screenshot to clipboard ;nn;
Cmd+Shift+4 ;;; ;;; Save screenshot of an area of screen to desktop/Dropbox ;nn;
Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+4 ;;; PrtScr (SnagIt) ;;; Copy screenshot of an area of screen to clipboard ;nn;

Of course, there are many more shortcuts.

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