ECMAScript 4

John Resig has posted a whitepaper outlining the new features in ECMAScript4 (aka the Javascript standard), how it differs from ECMAScript3, and the rationale for any incompatibilities. Many of the features have already made their way into Opera and Firefox, which is at Javascript 1.7 level. ES3 is equivalent to JS1.3, and ES4 is the … Continue reading ECMAScript 4

Installing Pear and PECL on Zend Core for IBM

Links Atomized | PHP Performance Best Practices - Informative. Installing PEAR and PECL on Zend Core for IBM Save to go-pear.php (in, say, C:Program FilesZendCore for IBMpear) Open Command Prompt % cd "C:Program FilesZendCore for IBMpear" % ../bin/php go-pear.php Follow the steps and let it modify your php.ini Restart your Apache Installing the profiling … Continue reading Installing Pear and PECL on Zend Core for IBM